Your student council for chemistry

Your peers

Lasse Johannßen
Henriette Pohle
Financial Referent
second Financial Referent
Lennart Kruse
Alexandra Bumann
Representatives of Bachelor Students Alexandra Bumann
Representatives of Master Students Ludwig Lorenzen
Helene Felsmann
Representatives of Teaching Students Henriette Pohle
Lasse Isenbiel
Student Representative in Examination Committee Franka Freytag
Henriette Pohle
Jacqueline Maslack
Press Referent
second Press Referent
Ludwig Lorenzen
Henriette Pohle
Technology Commissioned
second Technology Commissioned
Lennart Kruse
Jan Wolfrum
Contact person for foreign students Sophie Wagner
Evaluation Contact Person Henriette Pohle
Lecture Hall Movie Theatre Commissioned Lasse Isenbiel
Sophie Wagner